What? Another Stinkin’ Fatherhood Blog?

When you’re waiting around for the perfect words to arrange themselves in your head so you can share them with an adoring public, time drags.   It’s been a year and I still haven’t found the right way to introduce our Web site, All American Pop.  But let me say the obvious.  It’s about fatherhood.  It’s about music.  It’s about American culture.  Those are the pops I grew up with (not to mention The Boston Pops and Soda Pop) and so it’s no surprise that I seek to both celebrate them in print (on the Web) and write endlessly about them.

Music and culture are clearly related, but through the cracked-up prism that is fatherhood, they share an intertwined destiny. Whether it’s getting a lump in your throat when you hear “Thunder Road” (because you’re old) or explaining to your wife why you had to pay $75 to an eBay power seller to get a full set of Freakies breakfast cereal toys it’s all about the same thing.  The passion that you’re trying to reclaim, achieve, or foster anew in the next generation.

I can’t promise we’ll help you, but we do share your pain.